Align pay and policy

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Pay your people with confidence

Improve your pay culture with a customized plan to fit your organization’s goals, needs, and unique DNA.

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Facilitate communication

Enable managers to talk about pay with confidence with an equitable pay plan and transparent pay policies.

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Build trust

Ease tensions around pay with a fair and consistent compensation structure throughout the organization.

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Pay can be a pain

Inconsistent pay policies can create inconsistent pay across the organization.



  • Establish the best pay policy for your organization.
  • Help you build a culture of trust with consistent, equitable, and data-driven pay.
  • Identify a pay strategy aligned with your organization’s DNA so you can attract and keep top talent.
  • Determine compensation for your executive team so you can retain the best possible leaders.
  • Set market rates for each position based on comparable responsibilities and qualifications.
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If you have any of these issues, call us. We can help.

Struggling to compete for scarce talent?
Challenged managing employee costs in a tough economy?
Concerned your not paying your people fairly?
Hard for your managers to talk about pay with employees?
Know how much to pay your employees?

Grappling to retain great talent?
Unclear policies make employees wonder if they’re paid fairly.
Highly-valued employees who don’t understand pay and promotion paths may leave.
Do the same concerns apply for your executive team?

Hi, I’m Catherine. I routinely talked my younger sister into playing ‘business.’ One of my first jobs sparked my interest in why some people were paid more than others. And so began my quest to understand the influences of pay in organizations. Later, I built Compensation Works. But I was working to much “on” versus “in” the business, so I sold it and returned to my roots – designing and implementing compensation programs for businesses like yours.

My goals? To convert leaders’ confusion into clarity by improving pay strategies and policies. To help managers speak clearly about pay, at all times, to all employees. And to help employees feel valued so they’ll do their best work.

I’ve been partnering with executives for over 20 years in all sizes of organizations and diverse industries including professional services, tech, life sciences, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and non-profit.

Want the same for your organization? Let’s talk.

Catherine Dovey

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Adjunct Professor / Instructor

A well-respected member of the HR community, Catherine has taught compensation courses at five universities and colleges including University of Washington, Portland State University, Central Washington University, Washington State University, and Bellevue College.


Catherine’s credentials include:

  • Master’s of Business Administration from Washington State University
  • Certified Compensation Professional (CCP)
  • Certified Executive Compensation Professional (CECP)
  • Global Remuneration Professional (GRP) through WorldatWork
  • Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) through the Human Resources Certification Institute
  • Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) designation from the Society of Human Resources Management

Board Service

Catherine has served on numerous local, regional, and national HR boards including Total Rewards Panel member for the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), a national association with 240,000 members.  She is also a Past President of Northwest Human Resources Management Association (NHRMA), a regional association of 25 chapters and 8,000 members, and a Past President of the Washington State Council for SHRM, representing 17 chapters in Washington State.


Catherine is a Distinguished Award recipient for NHRMA, and the Member of the Year for the Lake Washington Human Resource Association.

Online Resources

What our clients have to say

Due to the confidential nature of our work and in respect of our clients’ privacy, names have been withheld. References are available upon requests.

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“What I came to appreciate was how good Catherine is at pulling out what we were looking for on both sides of the compensation package.”

“Catherine has extraordinary resources and judgement, works well with Boards and CEOs, and has given us a successful outcome three times.”

“Catherine thoroughly assessed our needs, and she had an innate ability to really understand our culture, our players, and our politics in a way I never dreamed an outsider could.”

“Catherine was very conversant on executive compensation, and she made certain it wasn’t a mechanical, rubber stamped process. “

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“The program Catherine built keeps us in line with our philosophy, keeps us within our salary budget, and we now have an understanding of what to offer new employees, how to maintain internal equity, and how to reward star players.”

“I found Catherine skilled with interpersonal relationships at senior levels and she worked effectively with a broad spectrum of personalities.”

“She is willing to say whatever needs to be said, without pointing fingers, so that leaders make good decisions. A good listener and naturally curious, Catherine really looks for solutions.”

“Catherine’s work product and advice had a positive strategic impact on our company and has set us up for growth in the years to come.”

Quote - “We no longer have a question mark in the area of compensation. Our program is now transparent. Catherine has taken compensation out of the problem column.”
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“Catherine has  more knowledge about the impact of compensation beyond numbers. She understands how compensation affects a company’s culture”

“I reached out to several consultants and Catherine struck me as the most experienced. She really understood where we were and what we needed done.”

“Catherine’s solid understanding of industry standards, her extensive experience with many other organizations and the fact that she had taken the time to learn about the ins and outs of our organization allowed her to help us at any stage in the process.”

“Catherine’s strength is on the creative side. She can help a company leader imagine and think through a pay plan that ties the executive’ incentives to the success of a business. She has a big toolbox and works in a consultative manner. “

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“We hired Catherine to be the Rosetta Stone that translated our unique job descriptions to marketplace standards so we could find comparable salaries.”

“The language she used in the report and in our communications was very simple and efficient. She doesn’t make things sound more complicated than they are.”

“Catherine peppered our meetings with leadership, knowledge and some tough questions that really made us think about what was important to our business.”

“Through discussion and probing questions led by Catherine, we were better able to articulate our compensation philosophy to ourselves and to our employees.”

Quote - “Catherine is the first person I think of when I want a compensation expert. Not only does she know compensation, but she knows business and how compensation affects business.”

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testimonial - “Working with Catherine … she pushed back as needed. Asked tough questions. Showed expertise, confidence, and was easy to work with. And made sure the Board developed a compensation approach that was thoughtful, intentional and defensible. I couldn’t be more pleased and impressed with our solution. Hire Catherine to do the same for your organization.”

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